Your local source for quality refurbished electronics by a team of talented and dedicated individuals.

About Us

Are you tired of paying the high prices of brand new electronics? Or are you impatiently waiting for your Amazon order to ship?

Replay Renewed Electronics is your place! Looking for a computer, stereo, flatscreen TV, cellphone, or tablet? Or perhaps parts and pieces for your own projects? Come and see us – our inventory changes daily.

Our line-up of refurbished computers come Certified Refurbished, giving you the OOBE (Out-Of-Box-Experience) of a brand new computer. We offer Windows, Mac, Linux, and OS-Ready computers for you to choose from.


Or if you want to build your own, we offer an assortment of components to fit your needs. Graphics Cards, CPUs, RAM, HDD, and Networking Cards are all available to build or upgrade your current computer.

Cables getting you down? We have all manner of cables and connections to get you up and running.

We have Audio/Video equipment to fit any budget and project. We have Refurbished TVs of any size and make, Surround Sound receivers, Home Stereo receivers, amplifiers, speakers, Blu-Ray players, gaming consoles, and so much more.

We can customize an entire system for your home theater or sell you just what you need.

Our staff is the most knowledgeable in the industry and can answer (or find the answer) to most questions you might have. And everything is covered with our standard 30-day warranty, so there’s no worry about what you take home.