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Lot (12) Canon AP01 Correctable Film Ribbon Cassettes (Re-order Number: 912290)


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This listing is for a Lot (12) Canon AP01 Correctable Film Ribbon Cassettes (Re-order Number: 912290)

Genuine parts are hard to come by. Keep your favorite typewriter typing strong with these Canon brand correctable film ribbons. These fit primarily Canon models but also work with select Daro, UTAX, and Sigma machines. See below for a list of compatible machines.

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  • Brand: Canon
  • Type: Correctable Film Ribbon Cassette
  • Condition: New
  • Part Number: AP01
  • Re-order Number: 912290
  • Quantity: 12 Film Ribbon Casettes
  • Letter Yield: ~ 50,000 keystrokes (per ribbon cassette)
  • Compatible: 
    • Canon AP 01, Canon AP 02, Canon AP 03, Canon AP 3, Canon AP 06, Canon AP 6, Canon AP 07, Canon AP 7, Canon AP 08, Canon AP 8, Canon AP 50, Canon AP 60, Canon AP 100, Canon AP 120, Canon AP 150, Canon AP 3500, Canon E 23, Canon EF 5, Canon ES 3, Canon ES 3 II, Canon ES 5, Canon ES 10, Canon ES 13, Canon ES 15, Canon ES 20, Canon ES 23, Canon ES 23 II, Canon ES 25, Canon ES 33, Canon MX 30, Canon MX 250, Canon MX 260, Canon MX 300, Canon MX 350, Canon MX 360, Canon QS 50, Canon QS 100, Canon QS 110, Canon QS 310, Canon QS 400, Canon S 100 TYPEWRITER, Canon S 200 TYPEWRITER, Canon S 250, Canon S 300 TYPEWRITER, Canon S 350, Daro 6007, Daro CE 600, Daro Erika 6006 LATE ModelS, Daro Erika 6007, Daro Erika Electronic 6007, Daro Praesident 6007 I, Praesident Electronic 6007, Praesident Electronic 6007 I, Sigma 8600, Sigma 8600 I, Sigma SM 8600, Sigma SM 8600 I, UTAX T 2200, UTAX T 2400, UTAX T 2600, UTAX T 3200, UTAX T 3300

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