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Lot (32) I.T.E. Power Supply Telecomm 48V 420mA POE Power Over Ethernet Adapters


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This listing is for a Lot (32) I.T.E. Power Supply Telecomm 48V 420mA POE Power Over Ethernet Adapters

Each package contains the POE adapter and standard C13 power cable. Each package is individually marked with a product label. The packaging condition for each unit varies. The packaging is worn and dirty. The 48V output power can typically be seen used in telecomm equipment. These are 'universal', just verify your power specifications first.

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  • Brand: I.T.E.
  • Type: POE Adapter (Power Over Ethernet)
  • Model: PW130
  • Revision: B Type RA4800F04
  • Input Power: 100-250V~, 50-60Hz, 500mA
  • Output Power: 48V, 420mA

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