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Lucent/Philips TuxScreen IS2630 Linux Kernal OS Web Touchscreen Phone Handset

Lucent, Philips, TuxScreen

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This listing is for a Lucent/Philips TuxScreen IS2630 Linux Kernal OS Web Touchscreen Phone Handset

It's difficult to quickly explain the history behind the obscure Lucent/Philips TuxScreen. The TuxScreen is a telephone platform with a variety of hardware options that make it quite versatile. It has a touchscreen interface and runs Linux. It was intended to be used as a development platform and there was quite a following. The TuxScreen still has a sourceforge web page with active content. 

Here is an excerpt from their web page to assist in explaining the history and purpose of the TuxScreen,

"The TuxScreen project platform is sold and supported as a rich environment for the development of applications based on the StrongARM platform. The TuxScreen community is a talented group of individuals dedicated to the premise that the "Next Big Thing" in computing is the apparent absence of the computer. We believe in the distributed, ubiquitous nature of computing; and the power computers have to enable richer opportunities for social interaction, education, and entertainment than traditional hierarchically managed technologies.

This is the area where we will get into more of the applications and ideas for the TuxScreen Platform. There willalso be links to pertinent articles and other devices and projects.

Holly Gates, creator of the JTAG Dongle, expressed the following:

The TuxScreen provides a unique opportunity for developers to gain experience in embedded linux kernel formulation, application building, and device driver implementation, and to participate in the growing community surrounding linux on the ARM platform. The TuxScreen can also be an ideal resource for companies designing their own ARM linux products; it constitutes a valuable tool for developing software which can easily be ported to hardware under active development. Besides, haven't you always wanted all your appliances to run your code? - Holly Gates"

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  • SA-1100 100mhz StrongArm CPU
  • 7.7" 640x480x8 VGA Touchscreen LCD
  • Wireless keyboard
  • Console port
  • Upgradable RAM (currently: 16 megs, max: 32 megs)
  • 2 3.3v Type II PCMCIA slots (exposed)
  • Comes running with Inferno

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